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We currently offer three rooms with separate themes and challenges, each being 60 minutes long. Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any further questions.

All participates must fill out one of our waivers. A parent or legal guardian must sign all minor's waivers. Minors  13 (thirteen) years of age or younger must be accompanied by an adult. Minors 10 (ten) years of age or younger must be booked in a Private room.
Source Stone

You are a member of a secret society of relic hunters, which has been searching for an ancient power source called the “Source Stone.” Deep in a mine shaft, the Stone has been rediscovered; however, a militant group has taken over the mine.


You have 60 minutes to get in, find the Source Stone, and get out alive. Good Luck.

Puzzlemental Henchen's Hideout

In Chicago, Al Capone is the King of organized crime… but not for long. Gangster Bugs Moran is movin’ in on Capone and you’re going to help. You have a 60-minute window to break into Capone’s Henchmen’s Hideout… and with some extra dynamite laying around it’s sure to be a blast!

Can you do it and survive or will you become just another one of the fish floating in the river?

Puzzlemental Anarchist

In 60 minutes an Anarchist bent on purifying the population will destroy a major American City. You and your team must stop him before millions die.


Are you up for the task? You’re our only hope!


Puzzlemental Escape Room Adventures

403 State Street

St. Joseph, MI, 49085



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